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More than 14 million year-old mystery

These pebbles of greenish natural glass are classified in the group of semi-precious stones, and you cannot find them anywhere else in the world. Their origin is one of the mysteries that have not been precisely unravelled to date. The main theory of the origin of these amazing semi-precious stones says that they were formed under huge temperatures and pressures during the impact of a meteorite on Earth roughly 14 million years ago. However, the origin of these unique stones is accompanied by other theories as well.

People who came across them from time to time in former times used to call them petrified frogs, water sprite’s teardrops or Devil’s excrement and attributed a magic and witchcraft origin to them. In its appearance one can often find a similarity to things that surround us every day. In South Bohemia, a certain wedding ceremony is even connected with moldavites, where a young bridegroom had to give a moldavite to the bride-to-be in proof of his deep feelings.

They achieved worldwide fame when the Swiss government presented a platinum jewel to English Queen Elisabeth II in the centre of which was a Czech moldavite surrounded by diamonds and black pearls. Speaking of famous persons enjoying the beauty of moldavites we cannot forget about Winston Churchill, who always took a moldavite with him. Simply in his pocket.

In March 1999 an American television broadcast a conversation between actor Richard Gere and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. At the end of that heartfelt dialogue, both partners shook hands in a friendly and cordial way on which they were both wearing bracelets of precious stones and moldavites. Shortly afterwards, such bracelets of precious stones were worn by actors, masters of ceremonies, musicians, businessmen ….

Since time immemorial people have known that moldavite harmonizes the organism, increases the ability of concentration and gives people energy. It eliminates fatigue, headaches and provides protection against diseases. A free stone is popular for use in meditations. Tradition has it that this stone has its life, its “soul”. That it increases its temperature in the presence of a man by taking negative energy away from the body and harmonizing the organism. If it is stored separately from a man, it cools down and seems to be missing a man. For these its peculiar properties it was even examined in the NASA. They have confirmed the theory that the effect of precious stones on man does not consist in something we only imagine.

Researches of modern medicine: if precious stones are applied to the body of an ill person in a coma, EEG currents will spontaneously change. Similarly as vitamins or enzymes affect our organism in terms of metabolism, the electromagnetic information of precious stones influence the microenergy processes in a man in the sense of purifying, harmonizing power.

It is certain that moldavites are not ordinary stones. The fact that a mystery, straight a cosmic one, is woven around them adds a special charm to their dull lustre.


Moldavite is a stone that

•    is fascinating for its beauty and uniqueness 
•    provides protection against a hostile environment
•    is suitable for meditations 
•    interconnects information between heaven and earth and tunes us into higher vibrations
•    increases immunity
•    provides access to dreams with future-telling
•    eliminates headaches and strengthens the immunity of the organism.


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